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If you are ordering lunches for more than one student, please checkout separately for each student.

Once all desired items are in your cart, select "Checkout"


*Please note, a processing fee has been added to each purchase using a credit/debit card.*

Credit / Debit Card Payments:
*Delivery Method*
Choose "Convenience Fee (Credit/Debit Cards Only)"
*Payment* Choose "Credit/Debit Cards" and enter requested information

Cash / Check Payments:
*Delivery Method* Choose "Convenience Fee (Cash or Check Only)" (no cost option)
*Payment* Choose "Offline Payment"

Please make checks payable to "A Sea of Learning" with the child's name in the memo line.

Cash Payments and checks can be received at either A Sea of Learning or Teacher's Pet locations.

Cash & Check Payments must be made within 3 Business Days of Placing Order.

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