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Welcome to Our School


Teacher’s Pet and several certified teachers, have combined their many years of classroom experience, curriculum knowledge, as well as their love of God and children, to present a year of classroom learning.


A Private School with certified teachers who provide daily specialized instruction in both small and large group settings.


Our program has a traditional school calendar, operating 9 months with holidays.  After school care is available if needed until 6PM. (Additional Fees will apply)


In today’s changing world, we find that many parents are looking for options for their child’s education. We believe in our community, our nation, and our God.  Along with the NC standard course of study, we teach respect for adults, and each other.  We develop great friendships, we LEARN, and the FUN never ends!

Meet Our Crew


Terri Fowler, Owner


Jenn Morere, Captain

Meet Our Teachers

Jenn Campbell
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Mary Willis


My hope, for this year, is to plant a love for school, life - long learning, exploration and creativity within the student that will build with them as they grow. This year will be such a joy and I can’t wait to begin.

Mary Bagdonas

2nd Grade

1st Grade

"I am excited about starting this school year with each of you (my students).  I have been blessed with the joy of teaching. My goal for this year is to instill the joy of learning in each of you (them)."

Beverly Martucci

3rd Grade

"Can’t wait to TEACH my strong, courageous, determined,

hard-working students!


"My goal is to provide quality education for each student based on individual needs and skills. Also, to promote a classroom environment that is warm, accepting and interactive. I look forward to meeting you."

Rachel Tritt.jpg
Rachel Tritt

4th Grade

"My goal for fourth grade is to provide engaging and challenging lessons using a variety of learning strategies, while helping your child grow into a more confident and independent learner.  Fourth grade is my favorite and I am excited to begin a new adventure!"

Amy Mercer

5th Grade

"Welcome to 5th grade at A Sea of Learning! This is my 22nd year teaching in North Carolina. My philosophy is that all children can learn and my goal is to create a classroom where students are happy, engaged and excited about learning and being successful students."

Beth 6th.jpg
Beth Fellows

6th Grade

"I am looking forward to a great school year full of learning, excitement, and growth! Together we will take sixth grade by storm! I can’t wait to meet all of you!"